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    Why Choose Us Over Other Web Development & Design Agencies in Tauranga & Hamilton?

    We design simple, engaging, and functional websites that makes it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for when they arrive at your site — but that’s the easy bit.

    The real work is in converting your audience into paying customers. A stunning website that drives hundreds of people to it is all well and good, but window shoppers don’t increase your bottom line.

    Using our digital techniques, we create an online experience that transforms your audience into followers, and customers into ambassadors.

    Our partnership with HubSpot and our lead generation and inbound marketing expertise means that we can increase your sales figures and conversions.

    How Can You Increase Your Website Traffic & Rank Higher on Google?

    Want some free advice on how to increase your website traffic and conversions? Check out these blogs “6 Ways to Rank Your Website Higher on Google“, “Social Media Backlinks” and “6 Signs It’s Time for a New Website“.

    How Are We Different to Other Web Development & Design Agencies?

    Although we are based in Tauranga (Papamoa to be precise) we have designed and developed websites for clients across the country and have achieved some incredible results.

    We are more than just a website development and design company — we can streamline your processes and create a system that is not only beautiful and easy-to-navigate, but is functional, powerful and more efficient.

    Take a look at the project we worked on for Liquor Centre. We streamlined their whole supplier system, created a store directory and developed an admin back-end feature so Liquor Centre managers and key staff are now able to edit any page on their site quickly and efficiently (no degree in web development needed).

    As a full-service digital marketing and website development agency here in Tauranga we can take care of your whole digital experience. From high-quality graphic design and content writing to mobile app development, product photography, video production, software development, business strategy and much more — Quentosity Tauranga and Hamilton is a digital marketing consultancy with a difference.

    For a few more examples of our website development and website design work check out our portfolio page here.

    What is Lead Generation?

    You may have heard of it, you may have read something about it on a LinkedIn blog once and you recall a few people in your network mentioning something about it once — but what exactly is Lead Generation?

    Simply put, Lead Generation is a way of introducing new customers to your business by offering relevant and engaging content that guides them down the path to becoming a paying customer.

    The key part of that sentence is “offering relevant and engaging content”.

    Offering relevant and engaging content to attract customers is known as “inbound marketing“. With inbound marketing, potential customers find you through channels such as informative blog posts, eye catching social media updates and search engines. Inbound marketing turns your business into a magnet that pulls people towards your website.

    For more information on lead generation and what a lead generation agency (like Quentosity) does, check out our blog
    “What Does a Lead Generation Agency Do?”.


    What is HubSpot?

    HubSpot is a unique and powerful inbound marketing tool that, combined with a digital agency like us, can help to streamline your sales process and generate business for your business.

    As HubSpot partners in Tauranga and Hamilton we integrate our services with the powerful HubSpot CRM software to ensure your hard-won leads and website visitors don’t slip through the cracks.

    For a little more information on what HubSpot is and how it can improve your business see our blog “Fear Not, HubSpot Isn’t a Terrible Alien Virus!”.


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