Fear Not, HubSpot Isn’t A Terrible Alien Virus!

Fear Not, HubSpot Isn’t a Terrible Alien Virus!


Fear Not, HubSpot Isn’t a Terrible Alien Virus!

HubSpot May Sound Like Some Ominous, Deep-Space Disease, But It Really Isn't.

By Mason Kingsbury | 19/03/2018

So What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a unique and powerful inbound marketing tool that, combined with a digital agency like us (Quentosity), can help to streamline your sales process and generate business for your business. Phew, the Men in Black can stand down.

Sometimes in life, you come across a new “thing” and the concept of this new “thing” utterly confuses your brain. Look at cheese for example — the concept of eating curdled, mouldy old milk? No. Thank. You. Yet, when you decide to throw caution to the wind and try it, it changes your world forever.

As great as cheese is, you often need something to accompany it and, when you do, it elevates the whole experience. That’s where Quentosity comes in.

Who is Quentosity?

We are a lead generation, digital marketing consultancy based in Tauranga (Papamoa to be precise) and Auckland. We incorporate the unique and innovative features of HubSpot into everything we do so we can make your business go from taxi to takeoff.

Quentosity are your HubSpot Tauranga and HubSpot Auckland experts. The partnership between HubSpot and Quentosity makes for the perfect combination — just like cheese and wine.

How is Quentosity so Different to Other Digital Agencies in Tauranga or Auckland?

Every digital marketing company out there offers the same website development package: an awesome website that includes SEO (search engine optimisation), branding, graphics, social media account management and groovy content updates. We are no different. We offer that same package too. Except we are different.

With Quentosity, It’s about the whole business and marketing journey. We take the time to understand your business’s needs and we help to streamline your processes to make your business more efficient and increase productivity.

Quentosity simplifies your sales process and funnels your leads through the pipeline to the end goal — getting people buying your product or service. By partnering with HubSpot our service allows you to reach out to your potential customers at just the right time to give your sales team the best shot at converting that lead into a paying client.

Above all else, our aim is to grow your profitability. We do this by ensuring that no potential lead or customer falls through a crack in the marketing pipeline

A Picture Tells 1,000 Words

Let’s just pause for a bit, put the kettle on, and gab a bikkie. Ahh…

There was a lot of technical, fancy, long-winded terms in the above paragraphs like “lead generation“, “streamlining your sales process“, “generating business for your business” and, here’s another one, “automation“.

Let’s face it, unless you are a marketing encyclopaedia, no one really knows what those terms actually mean.

Here’s a simplified diagram as to what we mean by all that technical jargon:

Simplified Diagram Jargon

I’m Just a Small Fish in a Big Pond

Whether you’re a large organisation that operates across the whole of New Zealand or you’re a small team of three guys operating out of a quirky Kombi Van — we have the digital experience and know-how to grow your company and achieve your business goals.

Here’s Some Free Digital Marketing Advice

Marketing to humans isn’t some mystical secret guarded by axe-wielding, armoured brutes. You are a human and all of us here at Quentosity are too (except Jimmy, he’s a beagle).

Do you respond to generic spam emails, flashy banners at the top of the web page, or annoying pop-up ads? No. Zero people do.

Yet surprisingly, this is still how many businesses like to present themselves to their audiences.

Let them carry on. You’re going to do things differently.

You’re going to be smarter than them. The key is inbound marketing. Inbound marketing doesn’t interrupt your buyers — it attracts them.

Inbound marketing brings people to your site like a magnet. it engages them through awesome content with a clear call-to-action, personalised direct marketing, humour and material that is relevant to them. That is how you market to a human.

When combined with HubSpot’s features, Quentosity’s digital marketing techniques can provide you with truly amazing results.

If you are ready to do things a little differently to everyone else, contact us today and let’s grab a coffee!