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Auckland Web Design and Web Development

Bad experiences can put you off things for life. Here’s looking at you, rhubarb jam. In a world full of jams like strawberry, boysenberry and plum — don’t be rhubarb.

Auckland Web Design and Web Development

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The Quentosity Experience

At Quentosity we’re all about creating great online experiences. We build beautiful, powerful and functional websites that are designed to convert your audience into paying customers — but that’s the easy bit.

As a digital marketing agency in Tauranga we offer the full marketing package and our partnership with HubSpot allows us to grow your business. As HubSpot partners we are experts in the Lead Generation process and inbound marketing is our bag.

We work with businesses throughout New Zealand that are brave enough to do things differently.

Are you ready for the next step? Let’s get the ball rolling.

Meet the team.

We’re all smiling in the photos below for a good reason – we genuinely love what we do.

Being based in the stunning Bay of Plenty helps with the happiness factor, as does the brilliant coffee in the café next door to our offices.
We’d really like to have a chat with you and meet you too! In the meantime, meet us below!

Auckland Web Design and Web DevelopmentAuckland Web Design and Web Development
Auckland Web Design and Web DevelopmentAuckland Web Design and Web Development
Auckland Web Design and Web DevelopmentAuckland Web Design and Web Development
Auckland Web Design and Web DevelopmentAuckland Web Design and Web Development
Auckland Web Design and Web DevelopmentAuckland Web Design and Web Development
Auckland Web Design and Web DevelopmentAuckland Web Design and Web Development
Auckland Web Design and Web DevelopmentAuckland Web Design and Web Development
Auckland Web Design and Web DevelopmentAuckland Web Design and Web Development

We work with leading solution providers

We are not experts in everything, so we have integrated our systems with some of the leading solutions in the marketplace:

Auckland Web Design and Web Development
Auckland Web Design and Web Development

Quentosity’s success at the Westpac Business Awards

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Let’s work together!

We have a passion for innovation and bright ideas and we have the skills to bring them all together in one exceptional experience.

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Copywriting / Marketing & Digital Strategy
Auckland Web Design and Web Development


Copywriting / Custom Built Software / Graphic Design / Logo Conception & Creation / Marketing & Digital Strategy / Visual Identity / Web Development
Auckland Web Design and Web Development

Quentin Van Heerden

Managing Director

Quentin has over 10 years’ experience in the field of Digital Design and Consultancy.

He started Quentosity in 2012, and was soon recognised for excellence, with Quentosity being honoured as a Finalist in the Best Emerging Business category in the Westpac Auckland Business Awards 2016.

This was followed with Finalist in the 2018 Emerging Business Award and also Service Excellence Award in the Westpac Tauranga Business Awards, along with People’s Choice Award for Westpac Auckland Business Awards.

Recently, Quentin has been a panel speaker at the ANZ Biz Start Up Seminar series where over 200 small and start-up businesses, had the opportunity to draw on his knowledge and experience as a successful emerging business.

Fun fact: Quentin is a jetski addict.

Michelle Redmond

Executive Assistant

Michelle’s role as Executive Assistant to Quentosity Managing Director Quentin Van Heerden involves knowing a lot, all the time.

From managing Human Resources and Finance, to looking after Quentin’s diary and appointments, Michelle is always juggling tasks, making sure that everything runs smoothly.

Fun fact: Michelle was the first personal trainer hired when Chelsea Football Club built their gym. She knows a lot about how to keep fit and can also bake a mean Anzac biscuit.

River Jermyn

Digital Sales Manager

River is responsible for new business acquisition for Quentosity, managing key clients and projects, and guest speaks at digital marketing events and seminars.

He gets to meet and help new clients from all types of industries every day. One of the most satisfying parts of his role is receiving feedback from a client on the positive effect that Quentosity’s work has had on their business.

Fun fact: River has walked the Tongariro Crossing AND kayaked the Wanganui River both twice in the last 3 years.

Jay Syder

Web Support & Developer

Jay’s role involves building websites and ensuring they run smoothly, whilst also fixing any issues and carrying out updates as needed, plus all the many other web-related tasks that require coding expertise.

He enjoys solving issues and anything that seem simple, but require a weird twist to get them straightened out.

Fun fact: He is the only Jay Syder in New Zealand (at the time of writing) and likes hot food so much that he grows his own chillies.

Kelsey Willcocks

Graphic Designer

Kelsey’s role in graphic and digital design ranges from working on websites, to mobile applications branding, to advertising materials.

Kelsey enjoys taking complex problems and turning them into simple and enticing interface designs whilst staying close to industry best practice. As well as UX/UI design, she enjoys crafting brand identities, icons and illustration work.

Fun fact: Kelsey loves travelling, hiking and outdoor activities.

Emily Lowe

Graphic Designer

Emily specialises in branding, print design and illustration, as well as website design. She prides herself on designing with purpose, giving businesses a tailored brand, fit for purpose.

She enjoys seeing the final product of designs, in particular print products being brought to life in the real world.

Fun fact: Emma is so budget she once walked with a 10kg backpack for 15kms through rural Portugal to save 1.20 Euro ($2) for a bus ticket. She’s also climbed a volcano in El Salvador.

David Dunham


David’s role involves writing content for websites, checking websites for any possible errors, managing social media platforms and writing promotional documents.

He enjoys helping clients grow their business through the use of words, and seeing the difference that improved content has.

Fun fact: David once had an addiction for bungy jumping. He got over it and is now more of a quiet walk along the beach type of guy.

Jaco Day

Lead Generation/Project Manager

Jaco’s role involves tracking the progress of projects and making sure they get delivered on time. It also involves prospecting for new clients, ideation for new marketing strategies and initiatives, and general business development.

He enjoys seeing positive results on the work we do, helping businesses grow and working in such a beautiful location.

Fun fact: He enjoys feeling like an eagle by flying at high-speeds and low altitude with a custom Long-Range FPV Racing Drone at secluded locations. To enhance the experience, he straps Virtual Reality Goggles to his head.

Werner Sevenster

Web Support

Werner’s role is to take website designs and bring them to life in all their responsive glory!

He enjoys that last save button click and seeing another amazing website go live, as well as drinking coffee and doing code at the same time.

Fun fact: He loves travelling and coffee!