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    Generate Leads with Free PDF Books (E-Books)

    As a lead generation agency in Tauranga one of the ways in which we help businesses generate more quality leads is by creating free PDF books online known as ‘e-books’. These e-books are downloadable and should contain genuinely helpful, useful, and insightful content that is relevant to your business and is something customers will find value in.

    Customers will receive your e-book for free, all they have to do is enter in their name and email address. You’ve just received a new warm lead and they’ve just received a handy dandy e-book.

    Don’t have the time to write a novel? No worries! Our creative copywriters can create your e-book content and our top-notch graphic designers will make your book even more engaging with high-end illustrations and infographics if needed.

    Want more information on the lead generation process and we do as a lead generation agency? Read our blogs “Lead Generation: How to Market to Humans” and “What Does a Lead Generation Do?“.

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    Content Creation Agency Tauranga & Hamilton

    Looking for a content creation agency in Tauranga, Hamilton, or Auckland? Quentosity have super-duper content writers and copywriters that specialise in SEO writing for the web and crafting long-from copy — ideal for e-books, brochures, EDMs, and blogs.

    Content creation is extremely important when it comes to improving your SEO ranking.

    Looking for an agency to take care of your SEO and analytics? Quentosity SEO and AdWords campaigns are conducted by experienced analysts based right here in Tauranga
    (Papamoa to be precise).

    Contact us today on 0800 467 8932 and let’s talk about your business!

    Why is Great Website Content Important for Your Tauranga Business?

    Ever heard the phrase “The pen is mightier than the sword”? Great website copy not only gives your brand a tone of voice and a personality but great copy that is SEO optimised is vital to creating a successful website.

    Here are just a few ways in which content creation and website copy are important for your Tauranga or Hamilton business.

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    1. Awesome Copy Gets Your Website Seen

    Here it is, if there was only one reason why great copy is essential for your website then this is it. Awesome website copy improves your SEO and improves your website’s ranking on Google.

    Content is still very much king. Great copy is engaging, informative, entertaining and is keyword rich. “Keyword rich” doesn’t mean that each sentence has to be stuffed with keywords (this can actually have a negative effect) rather, effective copy is conversational and reads naturally.

    It’s your chance to flex those keyboard tapping muscles and the creative side of your brain. If you’re hungry for more information on the benefits of SEO and how you can rank your website higher on Google, then have a read of our previous blog “6 Ways to Rank Your Website Higher on Google“.

    2. Great Website Copy Sells — Anything

    Great copy doesn’t just tell a story, it enchants. It motivates people to click on your C2A, read your “About Us” page, open that email or complete a purchase (even if it’s slightly more expensive than the competition) and it allows you to promote your brand in a highly effective manner. “But my products are dull and boring.” That may well be the case but that doesn’t mean the product description has to be.

    If there’s ever a chance to brighten a customer’s day then take it.

    3. Well-Written Website Copy Legitimises Your Brand

    We receive so many forms of marketing material in our inboxes that we automatically assume everything is spam. Within a split second we look for a reason to delete the message, throw away the flyer or block a request to connect.

    If your business uses these forms of communication to reach out to clients (used correctly these are great ways of getting future customers) then you have to make doubly sure your copy is up to scratch.

    One erroneous comma, a misspelt word or overusing exclamation marks and you’ve just given that potential customer the reason to delete your message as spam.

    Want to know more about the benefits of quality content creation and copywriting? Check out our blog “The Importance of Great Website Copy“.

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    E-Book & Content Creation Agency Tauranga & Hamilton

    As a full-service creative marketing agency in Tauranga and Hamilton, Quentosity have the creative writers and graphic designers to ensure your content is highly engaging and ultimately increase your conversions.

    Our digital techniques and lead generation expertise will generate new hot leads for your Tauranga business.

    Talk to us today and send us a message outlining what you want to achieve and we’ll get back to you ASAP!


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