The Importance Of Great Website Copy

The Importance of Great Website Copy


The Importance of Great Website Copy

By Mason Kingsbury | 08/08/2018

The importance of great website copy that engages, enthrals, entertains, and educates should never be overlooked.

Yet it is overlooked — with regularity.

Time and time again we stumble across websites (from major corporations and businesses I might add) with poor, generic, unimaginative or error-ridden copy.

This doesn’t mean that every paragraph or product description has to be an absolute zinger — it’s all about time and place.

The art of copywriting is often overlooked by companies, they convince themselves that great copy doesn’t really matter, “People are buying our stuff, life is good” instead they focus the vast majority of their budget towards design and making their website or marketing material look top-notch.

Of course, graphic design and photography are essential to your website’s success (no one wants to spend more than a couple of seconds on a website that was built in 1998) but couple these elements with great copy and woo wee you’re on to a winner.

6 Reasons Why Great Website Copy is Important

Great copy is powerful. How powerful? Super-duper powerful. Ever heard the phrase “The pen is mightier than the sword”?

Great copy gives your brand a tone of voice — a personality. This is the first reason why great website copy is important.

1. Great Website Copy Gives a Brand a Personality

“Brand personality” has become somewhat of a buzzword of late — with good reason. A strong brand personality engages your customer base and your business begins to morph into something a bit more relatable, likeable, and trusted.

Great copy gives your brand the opportunity to build strong relationships with your customer base and site visitors.

2. Great Website Copy Sells — Anything.

Great copy doesn’t just tell a story, it enchants. Great writing motivates people to click on your C2A, read your “About Us” page, open that email or complete a purchase (even if it’s slightly more expensive than the competition).

Great copy allows you to promote your brand in a highly effective manner.
“But my products are dull and boring.” That may well be the case but that doesn’t mean the product description has to be.

If there’s ever a chance to brighten a customer’s day then take it.

Accept the challenge and make that plastic bath plug the most interesting bath plug on the planet by describing it as a “whirlpool resisting tool of water mastery” in its product description.

3. Converts Products to Must-Haves

Great copy doesn’t just list a product’s features — it explains its benefits. It’s no good saying “This jumper is made from merino”. What value does that information bring to a customer? Not a whole lot, especially if they have no idea what merino is.

Great copy should explain the benefits of the product’s features, “This jumper is made from New Zealand merino wool which means it will keep you warm in the winter months while regulating your body temperature so you don’t get too hot.”

Your copy has now transformed your product into a must-have piece of winter clothing.

4. Great Website Copy Sets You Apart from the Rest

Great copy makes your brand unforgettable, authentic and hard to replicate. It’s difficult finding a new angle or a point of difference for your business.
Creative copywriting is a great way of setting yourself apart from your competition.

5. Well-Written Copy Legitimises a Brand

We receive so many forms of marketing material in our inboxes that we automatically assume everything is spam. Within a split second we look for a reason to delete the message, throw away the flyer or block a request to connect.

If your business uses these forms of communication to reach out to clients (used correctly these are great ways of getting future customers) then you have to make doubly sure your copy is up to scratch.

One erroneous comma, a misspelt word or overusing exclamation marks and you’ve just given that potential customer the reason to delete your message as spam.

6. Great Copy Gets Your Website Seen

Here it is, if there was only one reason why great copy is essential for your website then this is it. Great website copy improves your SEO and improves your website’s ranking on Google.

Content is still very much king. Great copy is engaging, informative, entertaining and is keyword rich.

“Keyword rich” doesn’t mean that each sentence has to be stuffed with keywords (this can actually have a negative effect) rather, effective copy is conversational and reads naturally.

It’s your chance to flex those keyboard tapping muscles and the creative side of your brain. If you’re hungry for more information on the benefits of SEO and how you can rank your website higher on Google, then have a read of our previous blog “6 Ways to Rank Your Website Higher on Google“.

Bad Copy Can Cost You

An analysis of website sales figure in the UK showed that a single spelling mistake can cut online sales in half. It was reported by the BBC that UK businesses lose “millions of pounds” in lost revenue due to simple spelling mistakes.

When you think of it, it makes sense. Misspellings and typos put us off completing a purchase because we’re all so aware of internet scams and illegitimate companies. No one wants to give their credit card details over to internet fraudsters and a solitary spelling error could be all the evidence you need to assume the website you are on isn’t credible. provides us with two more examples of when bad copy cost a company dearly.

“Bad spelling doesn’t just cost online businesses; in 2011 Topshop had a mishap when they printed a t-shirt with a Shakespeare quote on it. However, they incorrectly spelt Shakespeare, Shakespere, resulting in the firm having to crop their online product image.

Following internet-based comments and international news coverage mocking the misspelling, the retail chain recalled the t-shirts, cropped the bottom of the image and relisted them for sale.

Even a misplaced comma can cost a company millions. “An errant comma in a contract cost Rogers Communications, a Canadian media company, CAD$2.13 million. Aliant Inc, noticed how a comma within their contract with Rogers Communications allowed them to cancel their contract and force them to renegotiate their rates after just a year’s notice, instead of the full five years intended in the contract.”

Take Your Business to The Next Level

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