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How To Market Your Business To Humans

By Mason Kingsbury | 22/03/2018

Lead Generation: People Aren’t Emotionless Zombies

Humans are an emotional bunch. I know this. You know this. We know this because we are humans. So why do we insist on marketing to people as though they are cyborgs or emotionless zombies?

We have all been in the following example: You get home from work, the shoes are off, you serve yourself whatever it was that was bubbling away in the crock pot, crash on the couch and dig in to another scintillating episode of Survivor.

Just as things are getting juicy around camp and the survivors begin to hatch a plan to blindside Mary… Knock knock knock — Looks like another power company is looking to convert you to their “same same but different” energy plan.

At this point, it doesn’t matter what the really, really, really, ridiculously good looking, power company-endorsed door knocker says. Your stew is cold, you’ve pulled a muscle getting up from the couch and it was actually John that got voted out tonight! How did that happen? You don’t know.

Your first impression of the new power provider isn’t a good one.

This is disruptive marketing — an old-school approach to generating sales. In the U.S alone there are over 200 million people on the do not call list. Throughout New Zealand, letter boxes are plastered with “No Door Knockers Please” stickers. People have moved on.

So How Do You Market Your Business to Humans?

The key to this subject isn’t some closely guarded secret — think like your market. People don’t like being interrupted.

Lead generation is simply a way of engaging potential clients by forming a relationship between brand and audience that will lead them on the path to becoming a paying customer.

Here’s an example: if you’re looking for a new energy provider you’ll probably do a little research yourself. You search Google for a power company in Tauranga and see what comes up. Maybe you find a study or a blog that draws you in with its pretty illustrations and interesting statistics. You click
the “compare our prices” link. A day, maybe two days, later the company sends you an email, leaves a message on your phone or posts you a letter.

You have already interacted with the brand and shown an organic interest in the business, so now your are open to being sent relevant material — the key phrase is “relevant material” — spam isn’t cool. You are now what is known in the marketing world as a “lead” and the blog you clicked on generated you.

This is essentially what Inbound Marketing is — it’s turning your website or blog etc. into a magnet. You draw people to you without interrupting your prospective clients or leads by going to them. A strong relationship is beginning to be built.

At Quentosity, we are experts in the lead generation process and creating lasting business for your business.

Turn the Crowd into Paying Customers with Lead Generation

So you’ve created some awesome content and more and more people are engaging with your brand than ever before. Site numbers are up. Life is good.

However, window shoppers don’t increase your bottom line. Are you looking to be the most popular kid at school or a business that wants to make money? It’s great to be popular but it’s even better to be making money, and that’s what business is all about.

Digital technology in the lead generation space enables businesses to track where traffic is coming from, track leads, allocate these customers to sales teams, convert leads to sales and see how the company is performing.

At Quentosity, return on investment is our specialty. We don’t just offer you a pretty web design package — we provide you with a complete digital marketing consultancy service.

Whether you are based in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga or Christchurch (or anywhere in between) we work with you to streamline your sales process and nurture your leads down the sales pipeline to ensure they don’t just fall through the cracks.

By partnering with HubSpot, Quentosity can ensure that no lead is left behind and increases the chances of converting that customer into a paying client.

If you’re ready to take the next step, contact us today as discover what we can do for you.