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    What is Email Marketing?

    Email marketing has grown a bad reputation over the last 10 years or so. We’ve all been sent questionable emails from companies we know nothing about.

    You know the ones. They often include three or four “!!!!” and use phrases like “Hurry, Offer Ends Today”, “Mega Sale” or “Warning”. These frantic and frenzied emails are what we refer to as “spam”. We delete these emails from our beautifully organised inboxes instantly.

    When we talk email marketing we are not talking about nuking someone’s inbox with spam and unwanted material. Email marketing, when done correctly, is actually an extremely effective element to any Marketing & Digital Strategy and can produce a great ROI. The key to effective marketing emails is relevancy. But how do you know what is relevant to your customer? The answer to that is Inbound Marketing.

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    Email Marketing Tips for Your Tauranga & Hamilton Business

    Want to know how to write the perfect sales email? At Quentosity Tauranga and Hamilton we are a full-service digital marketing consultancy that knows a thing or two about writing effective emails. If you want to know more about the work we do and how we can increase your sales with email marketing then contact us today for a chat!

    In the meantime improve your marketing emails with these 4 tips! For the full list of 10 handy-dandy tips check out our blog “Email Marketing: 10 Tips on How to Write an Effective Sales Email“.


    Write the Perfect Email Subject Line

    It’s perhaps the most important part of the email. The subject line is where the battle for the customer’s attention is won or lost — the difference between being deleted or opened.
    47% of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email based on the subject line alone.

    Keep your subject line brief but between 60 – 70 characters (characters, not words!) and avoid using words such “newsletter”, “urgent” or “free” as these increase your chances of automatically being filed in the receiver’s spam folder.


    Personalise the Sales Email Where Possible

    We all love it when we see our name. The same is true when we receive an email address to us. People that receive personalised emails feel more emotionally attached to the content they are being presented with, it’s more personal and, therefore, the customer feels it is relevant to them in some way as it’s not just blasted to thousands of other people. According to a study by Direct Marketing Association “Targeted emails generated 58% of all revenue for the marketers surveyed, and 36% of revenues were driven by emails sent to specific target selections.”

    We don’t mean you should include the customer’s name in every sentence. “Hi John, We thought you’d like to know, John, that your website could be improved. John, if you want to take advantage of a free…” This just screams automated email. Write naturally and like a human.


    Make Your Message Clear

    When it comes down to writing effective marketing copy the number one rule is to always (always) write with clarity. Get your main point across in a manner that is clear, unconfused and simple. Once a clear subject line is written you can then start thinking about how you can make it funny, whimsical, cute or catchy — but only if it the message remains clear.

    Never sacrifice clarity for entertainment value.


    Benefits Over Features

    This is the golden rule of writing effective marketing copy — always outline the benefit to the customer rather than the features.

    Don’t overload the customer with features they don’t even know they need or potentially understand the benefits of.

    Just cut to the chase, how is your product or service going to benefit your customers? Read our full blog “Email Marketing: 10 Tips on How to Write an Effective Sales Email” for more email marketing tips to grow your Tauranga or Hamilton business.


    Quentosity — Tauranga & Hamilton Email Marketing Experts

    Need help with writing the perfect sales email? Need a digital marketing strategy to take your business to the next level? Quentosity’s in-agency copywriters can create the perfect email and our digital marketing consultants can create a tailored Marketing & Digital Strategy for your Tauranga or Hamilton business.

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