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    What is a Copywriter?

    You see these odd scribbles on this page? These are telltale signs that a copywriter has been here.

    Copywriting is the act of writing copy (or “text”) for advertising or marketing purposes. The role of a copywriter is to increase brand awareness and persuade readers to complete a particular action (known as a call to action or CTA) such as email, phone, buy or enter in their email address etc.

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    Why is Website Copy Important for My Small Business in Tauranga or Hamilton?

    Great copy is super-duper powerful. Ever heard the phrase “The pen is mightier than the sword”? Great copy gives your brand a tone of voice — a personality — and in this day and age, brand personality is extremely important.

    Here are just 3 reasons why great website copy and copywriting are important for even the smallest of businesses in Tauranga or the Bay of Plenty. For the full scoop, read our blog “The Importance of Website Copy”.


    A Copywriter Gives a Brand a Personality

    “Brand personality” has become somewhat of a buzzword of late — with good reason. A strong brand personality engages your customer base and your business begins to morph into something a bit more relatable, likeable, and trusted.

    Great copy gives your brand the opportunity to build strong relationships with your customer base and site visitors. Since the rise of social media, businesses around the globe (including New Zealand) have been quick to recognise the importance of brand personality.

    People want more than just products from a company — they want trust, loyalty, humour — they want their favourite brands to be more human.

    Great copywriting can do just that.


    Well-Written Copy Legitimises a Brand

    We receive so many forms of marketing material in our inboxes that we automatically assume everything is spam.

    Within a split second we look for a reason to delete the message, throw away the flyer or block a request to connect.

    If your business uses these forms of communication to reach out to clients (used correctly these are great ways of getting future customers) then you have to make doubly sure your copy is up to scratch.

    One erroneous comma, a misspelt word or overusing exclamation marks and you’ve just given that potential customer the reason to delete your message as spam.

    FACT: A study found that just one spelling mistake in a product description
    or the About Us/Homepage can cut sales by up to 50%.


    Great Copywriting Gets Your Website Seen

    Here it is, if there was only one reason why great copy is essential for your website
    then this is it. Great website copy improves your SEO and improves your website’s ranking on Google.

    Content is still very much king. Great copy is engaging, informative, entertaining and is keyword rich.

    “Keyword rich” doesn’t mean that each sentence has to be stuffed with keywords (this can actually have a negative effect) rather, effective copy is conversational and reads naturally.

    It’s your chance to flex those keyboard tapping muscles and the creative side of your brain.

    If you’re hungry for more information on the benefits of SEO and how you can rank your website higher on Google, then have a read of our previous blog “6 Ways to Rank Your Website Higher on Google“.

    Quentosity Copywriting & Creative Marketing Agency Tauranga & Hamilton

    As a full-service digital marketing consultancy right here in Tauranga (Papamoa to be precise) we can take care of your creative marketing needs.

    We can sit down with you, formulate a marketing and digital strategy, create idea and follow them through to completion and execution. This is what sets us apart from other creative agencies in Tauranga and Hamilton.

    At Quentosity we have an awesome team of copywriters and graphic designers that can implement and execute any creative project you may have.

    Ready to get your brand out there and take your business to the next level? Carpe Diem! Contact us today and let’s talk about your project!

    Want some free advice on how to write the best sales email? Well, because we are such good chaps we’ve written a blog just for you called “10 Tips on How to Write an Effective Sales Email”.


    Ready to get your brand out there and take your business to the next level? Carpe Diem!

    Contact us today and let’s talk about your project!