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    Create a Strong Brand Message & Tell Your Tauranga Business’s Story

    In today’s interconnected and social landscape customers want more than just high-quality products from the brands that they buy from — they want to buy from a brand with a strong story and brand message.

    Brands that understand this shift are the brands that are experiencing incredible growth and increasing their conversions. If you’re a Tauranga or Hamilton business that focuses sourcing fair trade products, tell people about it.

    Tell your brand message and let your customers know your brand story. What are your business values? Do they align with your demographic? Brands that have similar values to their customers are more likely to enjoy repeat business from a loyal customer base.

    Why is a Brand Message & Story Important in Tauranga?

    It’s no longer enough for brands to focus on quality products and services — brands need to connect with customers on a deeper and more emotional level.

    Did you know that 75% of global consumers expected brands to improve their lives and the role they play in society? Businesses that are believed to be “meaningful” are more likely to see regular purchases from loyal customers and can increase their KPIs by as much as 137%.

    You don’t have to be a business in Tauranga with a mission of cleaning the world’s oceans or saving endangered species (although if you could that’d be great!). You may be a Bay of Plenty mechanic with a focus on quality and fast completion times? Or an accountant that wants to help small businesses owners compete with the big boys?

    Let Quentosity Tauranga tell your story beautifully and engage with your demographic on a deeper level.

    Tell Your Brand Story with Quentosity Tauranga

    Your brand story and message are key parts of your wider brand identity. Ensure you’re your marketing elements (such as brand name, logo design, visual identity, website design, and wider marketing collateral) are consistent by going to one creative marketing agency — Quentosity Tauranga and Hamilton.

    As a full-service digital marketing consultancy in Tauranga we help businesses around New Zealand tell their brand’s story.

    Want to grow or streamline your Tauranga or Hamilton business? Contact us at Quentosity or call us on 0800 467 8932 to arrange a no-obligation chat over a coffee at our Papamoa office.

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