Four Benefits Of Unique Packaging Design

Four Benefits of Unique Packaging Design


Four Benefits of Unique Packaging Design

By Mason Kingsbury | 25/07/2018

You finally get to the supermarket. You’re looking for honey (at least that’s what you think that scribbled word on the shopping list says?).

You find the honey isle and you’re confronted with a wall of different brands, colours and options.

Which one do you choose?

Loud colour schemes compete for your attention and the sheer number of products out there overwhelms you.

As a supplier, how do you make your product stand out? What sets your product apart? How do you get a consumer (that may not know your brand by name) to choose your product?

The answer is packaging design.

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What is Packaging Design?

Packaging design is the process of designing packaging that not only protects and contains your product, but also plays a key marketing role.

What are the Benefits of Packaging Design?

Supermarkets are flooded with boring boxes, bottles and jars. Many suppliers and marketers cover up their unimaginative packaging with lashings of colour in an attempt to grab attention. However, it’s that cool and innovatively packaged product that gets noticed.

Here are the four benefits of packaging design:

1. Packaging Design Gets You Seen

As we have already mentioned, innovative packaging design makes your brand stand out (especially when it’s surrounded by boring run-of-the-mill packaging).

Visual presentation in marketing is key, especially if your product is priced at the higher end of the market. Did you know that first impressions are made within 7 seconds? You need your product to stand out immediately, loud colours aren’t going to cut it — not when every other brand has bright colour schemes.

Research also shows that when buying a new product, at least a third of buying decisions are made based on packaging.

Unique packaging design helps to intrigue customers enough to pick up your product, take a closer look, read a bit about the item and determine whether or not your product is going to add value to their lives.

2. Packaging Design Provides Information

As we mentioned above, first impressions are formed within the first 7 seconds, so you want your brand to establish itself as a frontrunner. Unique and well-designed packaging design also provides customers with quick information.

Packaging design has an effect on the subconscious. If a lot of time and effort has gone into designing the packaging then the product inside must also be of a high quality.

For example, if your honey is featured inside a beautifully crafted glass jar that makes people regret throwing it away after the honey inside is used what does that say about your product? It says it’s of the highest quality, it’s artisan, it’s not just “produced” it’s crafted — all without saying anything at all.

Packaging design subconsciously communicates information but well-designed packaging can also provide clear space for essential readable information such as the product’s key features, benefits and ingredients.
If this essential information is clear it will help the customer’s buying decision.

3. Packaging Design Reinforces Brand

Packaging design features all the branding elements that you’ve worked so hard to create and perfect.

Elements such as your logo, brand name, colour scheme etc. helps customers to instantly recognise your product.

Branding plays a huge role in marketing — whether your product is on the shelves of a supermarket or sold online and delivered to your customer’s door.

Packaging design along with strong and consistent branding can emotionally attach customers to your product too. It may sound a little far-fetched but branding can conjure up positive memories and feelings — this leads to long-term relationships between brand and consumer.

Unique Packaging Design

4. Packaging Design is Functional & Practical

Innovative, unique and creative packaging design makes the product itself easier to use for the consumer. If a product is easier to use then others in its category then customers will choose that product over the competition.

The best example of this is the upside-down squeeze bottles for tomato ketchup and other sauces. There’s a lot of debate out there as to who released the innovative product packaging first but one thing’s for sure — it turned the sauce world on its head. Literally. See what I did there?

No one buys the old big glass bottles of ketchup anymore. Remember having to smack the end of the bottle when things were running low? Remember that congealed mess at the end of the lid? Thanks to packaging design that’s now all a thing of the past. The squeeze bottle is easy to store, easy to pour and doesn’t make a mess.

Product innovation (including packaging design) in this sense is the best form of advertising possible. If your product solves a problem and you’re the only one that has addressed the issue you can expect to see your product winning in its category.

Quentosity Packaging Design

At Quentosity we are a digital marketing consultancy that understands the importance of packaging design and we have the skills and design expertise to create incredible, innovative, unique and creative packaging for your business’s product.

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