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    What is Product Design
    & Package Design?

    As a supplier, how do you make your product stand in a sea of other competitors? What sets your product apart from the other brands on the shelf? How do you get a consumer (that may not know your brand by name) to choose your product?

    The answer is unique product design and packaging.

    Packaging design is the process of designing packaging that not only protects and contains your product, but also plays a key marketing role. Product design is the process of creating a new product by developing concepts and using digital software like the Adobe suite, Blender and SketchUp to generate 3D models that can be sent to factories to create the items.

    Have an idea for a new product and want to get it made? Or do you want to redesign a new and innovative way of packaging your products? At Quentosity we are full-service creative agency with experience in product design and packaging design in Tauranga and Hamilton.

    Unique Product Design & Packaging for your Tauranga Business

    Innovative packaging design — combined with clear and consistent branding — attracts the attention of consumers. Packaging and branding plays a huge role in marketing — whether your product is on the shelves of a supermarket or sold online and delivered to your customer’s door — these two elements combine to emotionally engage consumers and helps to form long-term relationships between brand and consumer.

    It may sound far-fetched, but companies that focus on the smaller details and the customer experience are seen as being of higher quality.

    Want to know more about the benefits of unique packaging design? Read our blog “Four Benefits of Unique Packaging Design“.

    Product Design Agency & Packaging Design Agency Tauranga & Hamilton

    Ready to create your brand new and innovative product but can’t find the right agency to create it? Quentosity have the product design experience to turn your concept, sketches or thoughts into reality.

    Want to make your product stand out with unique packaging design? Quentosity can design and create innovative packaging solutions that will attract the attention of your customers.

    As a full-service agency in Tauranga we can take your project from concept to finished product. Contact us today or call us on 0800 467 8932 to arrange a chat about your project and discover how we can help!

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