How To Create A Poll On Instagram

How To Create a Poll on Instagram


How To Create a Poll on Instagram

By Mason Kingsbury | 20/08/2018

You’ve just sat down at your desk.

Time for a bit of procrastination.

Before you turn your computer on you allow the thought of taking a short holiday to some exotic location float into your mind.

Fiji or Bali? Bali or Fiji? You can’t decide. This is going to require a little outsourced help to decide.

“I know!” — you excitedly mumble under your breath so as not to alert your boss of your off-topic ramblings — “I’ll create one of those polls on Instagram!”

But how do you do that?

Walk this way, I’ll show you how to create an Instagram poll.

1. Open Instagram and click on your profile image (you’ll see a little blue “plus” sign at the bottom right of your profile picture). You are going to create an Instagram Story.

2. Either take a picture of your pondering face or select an image from your library from the menu that appears along the bottom of the screen.

3. Once you’ve taken or selected an image or video a new set of buttons appears. Select the sticker icon (it looks like a square happy face that is going through the seemingly ticklish experience of being peeled).

4. The sticker panel now appears and you’ll see a label that says “Poll”. Give that click.

5. The sticker appears and it asks you to “Ask a question…” Type in “Bali or Fiji?”.

6. Tap on the default answer “yes” to say “Bali” for example and change “no” to “Fiji”.

7. Tap “send to”.

8. Share it to your story so everyone that follows you can take part in the poll or send it to a selected group of friends.

9. You’re done! Better get those bags packed and flights booked. Now get back to work.

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