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    What Are Campaign Analytics?

    Campaign analytics is a set of data that allows you to understand how a certain digital marketing campaign is performing.

    At Quentosity we are a digital marketing consultancy in Tauranga and Hamilton that uses the HubSpot integration software to analyse and assess how our digital marketing campaigns are tracking and how people are interacting with the marketing material.

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    Why Are Campaign Analytics Important for My Tauranga Business?

    Campaign analytics are a set of extremely important metrics to look at. Whether you’re a small business in Tauranga or a larger company in the Bay of Plenty — if you have a campaign that is live you need to know what is working and what is not.

    Not getting enough people in your target demographic interacting with the ad? We can see who’s clicking and work to optimise the campaign to reach your target audience.

    Are people clicking on your ad but quickly clicking away once they reach your website? We can see how long people spend on your site after clicking on your ad. If they quickly bounce off your site we may suggest building a conversion-focused landing page.

    The beauty of digital marketing is that it can be analysed and then optimised to reach its full potential. This is where digital marketing gains the advantage over more traditional forms of advertising (such as billboard, magazine or radio).

    By regularly analysing campaign data and optimising it to reach your target audience it ensures that we do our jobs properly and that you are getting the best service possible.

    Digital Marketing Consultancy Approach

    Not only can we roll out your campaign and see it through to completion, we take the time to sit down with you and go through what it is that you want your campaign to achieve.

    We will formulate a marketing and digital strategy for you to ensure your campaign achieves your business goals. If you are looking for an overall business strategy that includes a financial strategy and a lead generation and implementation strategy then we can do these all for you too!

    Tauranga & Hamilton Campaign Analytics & Optimisation

    As a full-service digital marketing consultancy in Tauranga (Papamoa to be precise) we can take care of your whole marketing and branding journey.

    We generate leads for your businesses using our digital marketing techniques and great experiences for your customers.

    Whether you are after Brand Development services, Media and Marketing or Design and UX — Quentosity Tauranga & Hamilton is here to help your small or medium business grow.


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