How A Love Of Superman Could Threaten Your Website Security

How a Love of Superman Could Threaten your Website Security


How a Love of Superman Could Threaten your Website Security

By David Dunham | 17/05/2019

Don’t panic, Superman isn’t about to fly down, mistake you for Lex Luthor and tell you to spit out your passwords.
He’d get a bit of a shock if he did, at least with some people.

“Tell me your password,” says Superman, swishing his cape and fringe around.

“Umm… it’s… it’s… Superman,” you say.

“Superman? Get out of Metropolis. What a load of kryptonite!”

“Nah, seriously, it’s Superman. Clever, eh? Who’d ever use Superman as a password?”

“Not me,” says Superman. “And I’m really, really clever. I’m never left behind.”

Actually, Superman, you’re a little behind on this one. The criminals, also known as hackers, are well ahead of you.

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Latest figures from the National Cyber Security Centre in the UK show that nearly 350,000 accounts worldwide with the password Superman have been hacked.

If it sounds naïve to use such a popular name as a password, take in this: 23 million (yes, MILLION) accounts worldwide have been hacked because the owner used the password 1,2,3,4,5,6.

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You might be confident that you’re exempt from being hacked because you’re not into Superman and you most certainly wouldn’t be foolish enough to put the numbers 1-6 as your password.

So, let’s share some other favourite passwords that hackers have had no problem guessing:

  • Ferrari
  • Merlin
  • Dolphin
  • Snoopy
  • Star Wars
  • Blink-182
  • Poopoo

Now, if you’re reading this and beginning to panic because you’re into the band Blink-182, adore Star Wars, got a thing for Ferraris and have a first pet called poopoo (or you just like it as a word) then you might want to think about your passwords.

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It also helps that Superman, as cool as he is, would never be a password we’d use.

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A website that’s secure is essential for a business. The website also needs to deliver. It needs convert visitors into paying customers.

This is what we specialise in at Quentosity. Our websites are powerful, effective, and critically, easy for your customers to navigate, find what they want, and pay for the goods and services that you provide.

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To sum up, Quentosity is a web design and digital agency that can take your business to the next level. Help it grow, all the while ensuring your website is secure. Even if you do love Superman.

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