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    You’re here because your business needs help with its social media presence. Perhaps you’re already on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, but your pages are uninspired and miss the mark. Or perhaps you’re not on any of those platforms because 1) You don’t have the time to set them up and 2) You don’t have the know-how on social media best practice.

    This is where Quentosity can help you out.

    Let us take care of your Instagram set up

    At Quentosity, we’re all about making life easier for you and helping your business grow. That includes your social media accounts. Let’s take Instagram as an example. We’ll take care of everything to get you started. That means we’ll register your account name, write a description of your business, place a profile picture and ensure people can contact you without problems. That’s just the start though of our service. We’ll create some quality image highlights so that people are given a really positive feel for your business, and, we’ll get you started with some posts so that your page looks nice and healthy. Once you’re ready, we can give you a simple lesson on what to do for posts, and explain more about good responses to comments, how to grow followers and important things such as image sizes and hashtags.
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    Want to set up accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn too?

    Let’s say you’ve asked us for help with an Instagram business account name and we make that account powerful and beautiful. What is the condition, however, of your other social media channels? If you have a strong account on one social media platform, but a weak account on another, it will be very apparent to your potential customers.

    What you need is a strong social media game across the dominant platforms of Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Just as we can help you with Instagram account set up, so can we can help you with Facebook and LinkedIn set ups.

    The principles are the same: ensuring your business looks its very best when someone visits your social media platform. You need consistency and excellence, which is where Quentosity can help.

    Getting social media right starts at the set up

    Once your Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts are live or given an overhaul, people will start to take notice. This may be the first time a potential customer has visited your social media account.

    There is the chance for them to click through to your website, or to send a message, or call you. This chance, however, is a fleeting one. The potential customer may not return if any part of the process fails, and that includes being uninterested in what you do.

    So, start right with the right set up and let Quentosity do the work for you.

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    Want your social media to deliver results? Talk to Quentosity about taking care of your Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn account set ups. Call 0800 467 8932 today or send us a message!
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