6 Reasons Why Office Pets Should Be A Thing

6 Reasons Why Office Pets Should Be a Thing

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6 Reasons Why Office Pets Should Be a Thing

By Mason Kingsbury | 09/05/2018

No Pets Allowed

Nothing (and I do mean nothing) says “you are here to work — fun is forbidden” than a strict no pets allowed policy at your office. What kind of person doesn’t want an adorable puppy, an affectionate kitty cat, or a rotund hamster bumbling about the office? A heartless troll. That’s who.

If your grumpo and all-round-misery-guts boss is refusing to let you bring in your pets to work simply ask said boss why he/she is refusing to make this world a better place and kindly point out these absolutely scientifically-backed-up points.

6 Reasons Why Office Pets Should Be a Thing

6 reasons why office pets are lovable

1. A fury friend makes life worth living. Imagine arriving at work and being greeted by a beautiful fuzzy, smooshy, golden retriever puppy. Mondayitis will never be a problem again.

2. Increases productivity. The productivity of your entire office will increase by approximately 3,500% at every wag of a tale.

Increases productivity

3. Pets can de-stress even the most tense person. Got 300 unread emails? Pat a puppy. Got a queue of clients on the phone? Hold a hamster. Got a presentation in front of a crowd in 10 minutes? Caress a kitty cat. Pets have evolved a series of super powers to make humans feel good and relax. Embrace the soothing hypnotics of pets.

4. Pets are great for health and well-being. Is Bob the bulldog sniffing around suspiciously in an attempt to find the perfect spot to poop? Quick! Get him outside on that specifically designated patch of grass! Boom, you’ve just increased your heart rate and probably saved yourself from heart disease.

5. Increases company loyalty. You feel good about working for a company that recognises all life forms of Earth as equals. So sure, you’re more than happy to stay behind a mere 30-minutes to send that last report.

Quensosity office pet

6. Better company culture. Having pets in the office does wonders for company culture. Have an irate customer on the phone? Why not let your parakeet take over the rest of the call with a few choice words you taught it in a moment of anger?

These are just 6 reasons (from a list a mile-long) why animals should be allowed into your office. Now you are armed with actual facts to present to your “bah humbug” boss. Best of luck with making the world a better place!