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    High Quality Jewellery Photography Pays Off

    When it comes to jewellery photography, only an established professional with rich experience in the discipline can remove all the imperfections.

    Take a look at the images on this page. You won’t see any jewellery photography imperfections because we know what we’re doing. Our work in jewellery photography stretches from our base in Tauranga across New Zealand. Providing single item photography for jewellery worth $50,000, to items worth a lot less but being just as important, we’ll ensure your jewellery looks its very best for your product merchandising.

    Why Choose Quentosity for your Jewellery Photography?

    Our jewellery photography is undertaken in a Tauranga studio setting in which we can control the light to ensure every piece of jewellery is captured immaculately.

    Whether you require pendants, earrings, necklaces, rings, brooches or other jewellery professionally photographed, we’ll ensure the setting complements the item.

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    Jewellery Photography for Websites, Social Media & More

    Our jewellery photography service is bespoke, which means we’ll give you exceptional images that are adjusted for the platform you want to display them on. From jewellery photography for social media posts, your website, catalogues or larger advertising platforms such as a billboard, we’ll deliver pristine images that are as impressive as the actual jewellery.

    Wondering how the jewellery is looked after so that it is returned to you securely? We are highly experienced in this critical part of a jewellery photography service. Contact us today with any questions you have and we’ll get back to you promptly.

    Jewellery Photography


    Want a Jewellery Photography Service that Brings Results?

    Contact us today about our specialised jewellery photography service that serves jewellers across New Zealand.