What Is Instagram TV?

What is Instagram TV?


What is Instagram TV?

By Mason Kingsbury | 17/07/2018

New Kid on the Block. Sort Of.

As of the 20th June, Instagram (you know, that super addictive social media app that all the kids are on these days) launched Instagram TV to celebrate its massively impressive achievement of reaching 1 billion users.

Instagram TV (or, as all the cool cats are calling it, IGTV) allows its users to upload vertical videos that can be up to an hour long.


One. Hour. Long. Videos.

No longer will you be restricted to a meagre 15-second story.

According to Instagram (which was bought by some guys called Facebook in 2012) 50% of all video viewing will be done on a mobile screen.

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So what does this all mean for your business? Well, here are a few things you need to know about IGTV.

IGTV? Who Dis?

IGTV is a social media platform where videos can be viewed and shared in one place. But what makes it different to the likes of YouTube, Snapchat or Instagram stories?

Firstly, unlike Instagram stories and Snapchat, IGTV will allow you to upload long form videos up to an hour long and won’t disappear after 24 hours.

Secondly, unlike YouTube where the user has to search for videos, IGTV begins playing videos as soon as you open the app — just like flicking on a TV.

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Of course, every IGTV channel is linked to an Instagram account so all of your followers and fans can see your IGTV content. Hooray!

So Why Should NZ Brands Be Using IGTV?

Much like all social media marketing, brands that have a social media presence are joining in on the conversation.

If you do it correctly, your social accounts will bring you fans, followers and new potential clients just because of the stuff you get out there to the world. It’s your chance to inform, educate, connect, entertain and show a fun side to your business.

IGTV will allow you more freedom to express your brand’s voice in a way that no other mainstream app does.

The best bit about social media exposure is that it’s also extremely cost effective (in most cases free) and gives the opportunity to reach billions (yes, with a “b”) of new fans and customers.

Get your brand out there on IGTV with a regular weekly vlog (video + blogging vlog), a product launch, a behind-the-scenes video or an intro into your team to win over fans from around the world (and yes, New Zealand too).


IGTV is all about entertainment and not so much about the short personal updates we’ve become accustomed to on Instagram.

It’s really important to note that Instagram users are more likely to follow people they don’t know than on any other platform, so this is a big opportunity for brands to attract more fans around the world.

A strong trend that digital marketers are seeing around the world is also that younger audiences prefer to view amateur content versus over-produced, polished and professional videos. Why? Well that’s an interesting one. It all comes down to tech savvy.

Younger generations generally deem highly-produced content to be potentially misleading, they long for genuine information and what better way to get truthful reviews than via someone they know is a real person?

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