The Visitor Has Landed. Increase Your Sales With A Landing Page

The Visitor Has Landed. Increase Your Sales with a Landing Page


The Visitor Has Landed. Increase Your Sales with a Landing Page

By Mason Kingsbury | 30/05/2018

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is an extremely effective marketing tool that brings awareness to specific deals, offers or other content. A landing page prompts customers to complete certain calls-to-actions which can greatly increase conversions.

A landing page is “landed on” when a customer clicks on a link from another website, a social media platform or an ad etc.

A landing page is typically a standalone page that is separate to your main site. Whilst a standard webpage is usually content heavy with multiple links that can take the visitor to various areas of the website — a landing page focuses on a specific objective. Because there are less “distractions” on a landing page, a customer is more likely to click the call-to-action and complete the step.

A landing page is designed to convert. Their one objective is to make visitors click the call-to-action and therefore must have specific content to attract visitors and capture visitor’s data (such as a name and email address) thus converting a lead into a customer.

Types of Landing Pages

There are two main types of landing pages:

Lead Generation Landing Page

These pages are primarily used to collect visitor information such as name, email address and phone number by offering the visitor something in return (often in the form of a free e-book, podcast, newsletter, coupon etc.).

This landing page clearly explains what you are offering along with a form to collect visitor data in exchange for a specific offer.

Now that the business has the visitor’s details they can begin to market their brand more effectively to the customer. These visitors are now known as “warm leads” as they have interacted with the brand and, therefore, are open to the idea of buying the company’s goods or services.

Click Through Landing Page

This type of landing page is mainly used on e-commerce sites whereby the page is designed to entice visitors to click through to another page. This type of landing page warms up the visitor by offering further details on the product or service before they make the decision to purchase.

Pay-per-click advertisements often have low conversions as customers are usually directed to a busy website homepages or are directly taken to shopping carts. This generates sub-par conversions because the customer still doesn’t really know the benefits of the product or service on offer — they almost feel rushed into making a decision.

Landing page example photo

Landing Page Benefits

Landing pages are a favoured marketing tool used by agencies, sales teams and, more recently, business owners who are starting to see the benefits of using this simple marketing strategy. The benefits of using landing pages are numerous but here are a few key points:

Hit the Snooze Button, Make a Sale

Once your landing page is up and running as part of your marketing strategy it requires no further work or input by you.

Visitors are driven to your landing page, asked to provide their details in exchange for an offer they can download themselves or sign up, and complete your marketing objective. Whether your landing page is designed to generate hot leads or points visitors to buying a product, the whole process is visitor-driven. Your landing page generates sales and leads for your business while you’re at the beach or hitting the snooze button for the 5th time on a Sunday morning.

Climb the SEO Rankings

Search engines such as Google and Bing are all about quality content. If your website features relevant content (and it definitely should) then this will help to boost your SEO ranking which will help more people discover your page thus driving even more traffic to your website.

Build Trust

A quality landing page gives you credibility to your visitors as you are easily solving a problem for them. Your landing page should focus on one particular objective with a clear course of action.

Your customer will see that you have made the process simple for them to achieve their goal (such as learning more about XYZ, downloading an e-book or buying a product) and they will be more likely to complete the objective.

Increase the Odds

Business owners are starting to understand that simply linking pay-per-click ads (and other forms of online marketing) to their main website isn’t the best way to convert leads.

This is mainly due to the customer being directed to a website that bombards the visitor with too much information (which is often irrelevant). Visitors get distracted, they navigate to other parts of the website or they leave the site entirely — leaving you with a missed opportunity.

Increase your conversion odds with a landing page that makes the whole process extremely simple.

Whether you are a small team or a large company, landing pages can attract visitors to your site like a magnet if used correctly. Landing pages can give your business the competitive advantage while catering to your visitor’s needs and simultaneously converting them into leads.

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