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    Measure Your Digital Marketing Success with Client Reports

    At Quentosity we are a digital marketing agency in Tauranga and Hamilton that does things a little differently. Our unique consultancy approach to digital marketing allows us to fully understand our client’s goals, challenges, and vision and allows us to help your business grow and become more successful.

    We don’t believe in cut and paste business strategies, website builds that are the same across others in your industry, or keeping our clients in the dark. We offer a monthly client meeting to take you through how your digital marketing efforts are performing and we offer insights into what the reports mean, including how they can be improved.

    Regular SEO Analysis & Marketing Reports in Tauranga & Hamilton

    We understand that some services we provide, such as SEO and Analytics, are seen as a ‘dark art’ and it can be difficult at first for you as a business owner to justify the expense. That’s why it is often better for us to sit down and go through the reports with you for clarity and transparency.

    Whether you want monthly face-to-face meetings over a coffee at our Papamoa office, weekly email reports, or a quick chat every 6 months over a video call — Quentosity aims to provide the best customer service possible.

    Quentosity — Digital Marketing Consultants in Tauranga & Hamilton

    Our consultancy approach to digital marketing in Tauranga and Hamilton allows us to fully tailor our marketing services to your business. We look deeper into your business to understand where you want your business to be financially and formulate a strategy for you to achieve your goals.

    Our digital marketing services include: Business Strategy, Marketing and Digital Strategy, SEO and Analytics, Lead Generation Implementation, Web Development, Content Writing, Graphic Design and so much more!


    Want to take your Tauranga or Hamilton business to the next level?

    Contact Quentosity today on 0800 467 8932 or message us to set up a time to have a meeting at our Papamoa headquarters or at your location — whichever’s easier for you!