Business Survival 101

Business Survival 101


Business Survival 101

How To Survive A Free Falling Elevator & Keeping Your Business Alive

By Mason Kingsbury | 13/06/2018

Hazards Ahoy!

The work place is full of potential hazards. If you’re office-bound that doesn’t mean you are totally safe. What if the lift decides to freefall on your way to the 4th floor or you tip hot coffee over Susan on your way back from the cafe?

Oh yes, the workplace is full of hazards, but how do you ensure your business isn’t tripped up in these turbulent times? Read on, dear reader!

The Times They Are a Changin’

Business owners in the digital age are able to market their products and services in ways that the generation before couldn’t have imagined.

However, progress is often a double-edged sword, business owners today face a variety of problems and challenges that simply weren’t an issue a few decades ago.

Staying Relevant

From small, one-man bands to corporations with 50 employees, businesses of all sizes face the same issue of staying relevant. It’s no surprise to anyone that advances in the digital age have made it easier than ever before to increase your brand awareness. But the key is to always be moving.

Many businesses tend to stagnate, they have their branding just the way they like it, they have a loyal customer base and they sell a great product or provide a great service. That’s great! But in order to survive you have to keep evolving.

Trends, tastes and loyalties change but evolution doesn’t mean designing a new logo every year, changing your name or deciding to sell other products — it means you have to stay vigilant.

Keep an eye on what’s happening in your industry and move with the times. Zig when they Zag, zag when they zig, just make sure your business never stands still.

So How Do You Do That?

There are two simple and cost effective ways to keep your brand in the forefront of people’s minds — update your face and get socialising.

Before you nip down to the plastic surgeon and join a Toastmasters group I should clarify that I mean the “face of your business”. If you were a new customer to your business what would be your first interaction point with the brand? For many customers it’s your website and, increasingly, more and more customers look to social media to find and interact with businesses.

Meeting sharing ideas

1. Update Your Face

If your site fitted the bill 15 years ago, that doesn’t mean it’s doing the same job now. In fact, if it hasn’t been updated, it can actually be having a negative effect on your business.

If your site is dated, neglected and poorly designed then don’t be surprised to see your customers bouncing from your site to your competitor’s. This makes sense, your website is essentially your shop front. It is your main point of contact for your online audience and they expect a well designed website that portrays the quality of the goods or services on offer (that includes looking great on mobile devices too).

If your website is in desperate need of redesign read our handy blog “6 Key Website Design Elements Your Site Needs” for tips on what your website needs in 2018.

2. Get Socialising

In this day and age it seems that every man and his Lolcat are Facebooking, Twittering, Instagramming, Kikking, YouTubing, Snapchatting, Pinteresting or Tumblring.

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay and it’s time for your brand to join the conversation.

You don’t have to suddenly become the bees knees of social media marketing, chiming in on every new conversation, commenting on every new viral video or sharing all the latest and greatest memes. It’s all about relevancy and brand voice.

If your brand was a person, what would they talk about or find interesting? Identify where your audience is hanging out online, set up an account and share relevant industry information. For a more in-depth look into social media strategy have a read of our blog “How to Harness the Power of Social Media Marketing

3. Market Research

Conducting market research is a great way to get the jump on your competitors. Conducting research allows you to understand what your customers think of your brand, what they think of the industry and can help you identify what you need to change, keep doing, or focus on.

Market research is all about gaining insights and if you know something your competitors don’t that will put you in a great position and increase your odds of business survival.

Staying relevant is a key to business survival in the digital age. However, updating your website and having a social media presence isn’t all that is required to see your business march triumphantly into the future. For that, you need a solid business and marketing strategy (and the know-how to implement the plan).

At Quentosity we are experts in digital marketing with a unique focus on lead generation. Our digital marketing techniques will help grow your business and keep your brand #relevant.

Call us today for a no obligation chat and a coffee at our Tauranga office and see where Quentosity can take your business.

If you’re still left wondering how to survive a free falling lift watch this Lonely Planet video.

Hint: Jumping before the impact won’t save you.