Google Is Making The Internet A Safer Place.

Google Is Making the Internet a Safer Place.


Google Is Making the Internet a Safer Place.

How Will Your Website Be Affected?

By Mason Kingsbury | 25/06/2018

What is Changing?

Google is moving away from unsecure websites (HTTP) and has been encouraging website owners to move towards encrypted HTTPS sites for a long time now.

However, the deadline for this change is mid July, which is fast approaching. This update will affect all websites (including New Zealand websites).

It is important to ensure your site makes the changeover to HTTPS before the deadline so your website isn’t negatively affected. Google will mark all old HTTP websites (like yours) as “Not Secure” in the URL — clearly visible to all your site’s visitors — and will also de-rank them (meaning your website won’t be as visible on your customers’ online search results).

Treatment of HTTP pages

Google currently displays a neutral icon for unencrypted websites but starting from July 2018 Google will warn users that the site is not secure with a “Not Secure” icon to the left of the URL.

If you’re not quite sure if your website will be affected, it’s really easy to check. Simply go to your site and look at the address bar. If the below is displayed then great! You’re already up to date! If not, you need to make the change from HTTP to HTTPS as soon as possible (before 5th of July).

HTTPS browser example

Why Is Google Doing This?

Here’s why your website needs HTTPS. It’s all about internet security. Information that is created or transferred on a page that doesn’t feature HTTPS is not secure and is sent as plain text over the internet.

This means that anyone can intercept it and read what was sent (such as your customer’s name, email address or even credit card details etc.). This, obviously, isn’t good.

Importantly, this is a very commonly known security feature and people actively avoid websites that still use http://. Therefore, by having an old, out of date website that still uses http:// can have a negative impact on your site before a hacker even has the chance to read your sensitive information and makes you a victim of cybercrime.

To find out more, read the official Google update here.

Need Help?

If you are unsure if you will be affected by the new online security Google protocols contact the digital experts at Quentosity today on 0800 467 8932 or via our contact page.