What Is SEO & Content Writing?

What is SEO & Content Writing?


What is SEO & Content Writing?

By Mason Kingsbury | 27/02/2019

Search Engine Optimisation (referred to by cool kids around the world as ‘SEO’) is the process of ensuring that your website is found by search engines (such as Google) easily and can quickly match your website’s content with a user’s search terms.

However, as with anything worth doing, SEO is not a quick fix solution, a carefully curated and executed SEO strategy takes time and can, depending on the scope of the project, take 1-2 years to reach your goals.

If you have ever asked yourself, “How do I rank higher on Google” the answer is a thorough SEO strategy that is tailored to your needs and expectations.

For that, you need a digital marketing agency that is experienced in all things SEO, has the resources and tools to conduct thorough SEO audits and SEO analysis, and has the team to execute the SEO strategy.

You need a digital marketing agency in Tauranga and Hamilton that has a proven track record at improving the conversion rates of countless business’s websites through SEO.

You need Quentosity — a digital marketing agency and SEO experts based in Papamoa, New Zealand.

Want to grow your business and improve your conversion statistics? Talk to Quentosity Tauranga & Hamilton today on 0800 467 8932 or contact us to talk about how our knowledge of SEO can help your Bay of Plenty, Waikato, or Auckland business succeed online.


Google SEO Content WritingSEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of ensuring search engines like Google can easily find and “read” the content on your website and match it quickly with users’ search terms.

Strategic content writing ensures your website is optimised for search by following SEO best practices and, if done correctly, improves your website’s ranking on search engines like Google.

Content is still very much king. Great copy is engaging, informative, entertaining and is keyword rich.

“Keyword rich” doesn’t mean that each sentence has to be stuffed with keywords (this can actually have a negative effect) rather, effective copy is conversational and reads naturally.

It’s your chance to flex those keyboard tapping muscles and the creative side of your brain.

At Quentosity we have the digital expertise to analyse and identify the key terms your business should be targeting in your written content and a team of creatives that can write original and engaging material to draw your customers in.

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SEO is extremely important in the online world. You may have the best products or the perfect service but, if no one can find you — you’re invisible.

Time and time again we speak to small and medium businesses across New Zealand (including the Bay of Plenty, Waikato, and Auckland) that don’t understand why they’re not ranking higher in Google searches.

The answer is poor SEO. To rank higher in Google searches and to increase your website’s conversion rates, you will need to conduct an SEO audit and analyse keyword data to ensure you are targeting the right terms and searches — and getting in front of the right people, at the right time.

SEO, however, isn’t a silver bullet, although it DOES play a major role in your website’s success, there are many other elements that affect it’s ranking too.

If you’re hungry for more information on the benefits of SEO and how you can rank your website higher on Google, then have a read of our blog “6 Ways to Rank Your Website Higher on Google“.

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SEO and Analytics AgencyInvesting in SEO and analytics offers an exceptional return on investment — especially if other players in your industry are neglecting this vital form of digital marketing. As smaller cities, we have been slower than others to recognise the importance of SEO, SEM and analytics — but this is quickly changing.

If your competitors’ websites and pages are already ranking higher than you then you need to seriously start considering a marketing and digital strategy that includes a thoroughly researched SEO plan.

The online world moves extremely quickly and if you are already behind the pack you need to get up to speed, fast.

Contact Quentosity today on 0800 467 8932 to arrange a coffee and a chat about how we can get you back up to speed with a tailored SEO strategy and streamline your digital solutions.

Quentosity — SEO & Digital Marketing Agency Tauranga & Hamilton

As a full-service digital marketing agency in Tauranga and Hamilton we can analyse your keyword data, implement Google Ad campaigns and create content strategies that target the specific words and phrases that people are using to find your products.

If you want to take your business to the next level and pull away from your competitors, talk to the digital marketing and SEO experts at Quentosity Tauranga and Hamilton today.

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