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The Housesitting Company

I am one of the co-owners of The Housesitting Company ( We took over the business in August 2017, and awarded Quentosity the contract for website development, website re-skinning, and ad word optimisation. The site now looks amazing and since Quentosity did its optimising magic, the site traffic and lead generation has grown explosively. We have increased turnover on average by 25-30% per month, and in January 2018 turnover was 60% more than the January 2017. January is usually a quiet month for the business.

I personally don’t know the mechanics of what Quentosity does, but the results speak for themselves.

Quite aside from technical expertise, I think what sets Quentosity apart is its commitment to the success of its clients’ businesses. It doesn’t just offer a service – it partners with clients to understand their businesses in order to achieve the best business outcome possible. And the service is personal – no waiting for a nameless person in a big corporation to call you back.


The Housesitting Company

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