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It is my pleasure to write the following comments about Quentosity, a company involved in our email and website traffic for about two years now.

What was the WOW factor:

The team at Quentosity are available 24/7 … no questions asked, just excellent dedicated service, and part of their pricing structure. Implementing changes in email traffic and websites can be daunting, we felt at all times Quentosity cared and would sort out ‘problems’ immediately. Making sure that we as the end user would suffer as little transition ‘stress’ as possible.

Quality and level of service offered:

Top notch, excellent advice and direction, going the extra mile effortlessly.

Expectations met or super seeded:

Engaging with a new supplier always brings a level of ‘apprehension’ at the start, “are they as good as they say they are?”, “will they be available when needed?”, “will they be able to fix problems as quickly as I need?”, etc. The answer to all of these and more is … YES

Communication quality & on-going quality support:

I have to say once again, top-notch. Always keeping us informed and advised of changes as and when required, fast and reliable.

Value (in dollars) vs service quality:

How can one put a value on peace of mind, knowing that complicated email and web issues are dealt with promptly and accurately, exactly what we as a business need to keep communication with our clients current.


We would easily recommend Quentosity to any of our contacts, they are easy to deal with, great in-depth knowledge and great customer service!

Customer Focused Solutions
Maarten van de Vorst – Director

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