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Is everyone but you on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Do you know which forums your target market flocks to for what’s new and what’s cool? 60 per cent of all adults globally are active on Social Media and 79 per cent of users are likely to seek the opinions of others before deciding where to put their money. If you are targeting end users (B2C) then, yes, you will need a social media presence and strategy.

However, while Social Media offers diverse platforms to engage with your audience it’s not for everyone. Ask for our help and advice. We are experts at optimising social media platforms to generate the leads you are looking for, nurturing them and converting them to sales.

For example, we can design an eye catching Facebook Ad campaign to target your chosen audience with qualified information based on demographics and behaviour. Monthly reports reveal the impact your adverts are having, allowing you to analyse your results, make informed decisions in building future campaigns and achieve even better results.

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