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    Some of the Typical Results We See

    An extra 5-6 phone and
    email enquiries per day

    A revenue increase of 36% within two months through Google Ads

    Around 2-3 leads generated each day

    An average of 12 NEW quote requests per week for sales staff

    Significantly larger sales – $120k plus – from Google Ads in the FIRST month

    Vast lead enquiries provides scope for franchising for some clients

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    “After Quentosity started to work its Google Ads magic, Grime Off Now Tauranga went to number one overnight in paid search results.”
    – Grime Off Now Tauranga
    “With Quentosity’s optimising magic, the site traffic and lead generation has grown explosively. We have increased turnover on average by 25-30% per month.”
    – Housesitting Company
    “Quentosity’s lead generation strategies led to a marked increase in quality leads from across New Zealand.”
    – Diamond Fusion
    “Since we started working with Quentosity, we have increased the amount of email and phone calls leading to new sale opportunities by 104%. In the first week of our Google Ads going live, we made a $36k sale to a new client.”
    – FRP Products
    “Quentosity created wonderful new Landing Pages which have generated a great deal of interest and some confirmed bookings. No other agency that we have worked with in the past has delivered concrete results so quickly.”
    – Exclusive Travel Group
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      * Terms and Conditions to offer apply
      * Terms and Conditions to offer apply