Online Shopping Statistics NZ & Global E-Commerce Trends


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    It’s no secret that online shopping has changed the way that people all around the world pay for goods and services. Kiwis are no different.

    Whether you’re a retailer in Tauranga or Timaru, Hamilton or Hokianga, Auckland or Alexandra, Wellington or Waiouru — you need to have an online e-commerce presence.

    If you don’t? You’re missing out on a large chunk of potential customers.


    Here are 16 e-commerce statistics you should know as a New Zealand retailer in 2019:


    2.5 million New Zealanders
    shop online
    (in Q2 2016 – Q1 2017, Nielsen)

    Kiwis spent $4.7 billion
    on online shopping
    (Nielsen, 2016)

    51% of New Zealand’s
    online shoppers are women

    23% of shoppers will
    abandon their shopping
    cart if they have to create
    a new user account

    66% of Kiwis shopped
    online in since May 2017 –
    May 2018. This is expected
    to rise to 83% by 2026.
    (Nielsen, 2018)

    60% of Kiwis use
    their smartphone in-
    store to research an
    item before buying.
    (Nielsen, 2018)

    28% of shoppers will
    abandon their cart due to
    unexpected shipping costs

    38% of people will leave
    a website if they find the
    layout unattractive.

    55% of shoppers say that
    online reviews influence
    their buying decision

    44% of retail internet
    minutes are spent on
    mobile phones

    22% of online retailers
    still don’t have a
    mobile-friendly website

    M-commerce accounts for
    60% of e-commerce sales,
    rising from 40% in 2017
    (eMarketer, 2018)

    88% of shoppers
    characterize detailed
    product content as being
    extremely important to their
    purchasing decisions
    (Disruptive Advertising, 2018)

    Nearly 1/3 of the
    main reasons for not
    shopping online relate
    to delivery concerns –
    most notably, cost
    (Nielsen, 2016)

    75% of New Zealand
    shoppers like to pay
    via credit card when
    shopping online
    (Statista, 2016)

    40% of millennials (born 1982-2004) have used voice search before making a purchase online. 20% of Google searches on mobile are voice.
    (Disruptive Advertising / Shopify, 2018)


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