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Why B2B Direct Marketing Works

Want to jump the queue and speak directly to the person who can help your business grow? Of course you do.
Quentosity can make it happen with our unique B2B Direct Marketing service.

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    Don’t be put off by the dullness of the term B2B Direct Marketing. The reality is that B2B Direct Marketing is a powerful, exciting and very effective way to reach the right people. But only if it is done properly.

    At Quentosity, we have a unique B2B Direct Marketing service that gets our clients past the gatekeepers, right into the inbox of the decision makers. We do the hard work and you reap the rewards.

    And if you need to see the hard figures on our success, just book in a meeting on this page and we’ll show you. Feeling impatient? Here’s a taste below of what we can do.


    Game-changing B2B Direct Marketing

    Bulk emails go into spam folders. At Quentosity, we’re not interested in spam, only precise, accurate emails land in the inbox of decision makers.

    Let’s paint a picture of how B2B Direct Marketing works

    Here’s an example of what we can do. Let’s say you work in the clothing sector, supplying workwear for a local council. What you’re eager to do is grow by supplying councils across the country. Tracking down the decision maker in each local authority will take you 1) A significant amount of time and 2) Even then, your email might not hit the sweet spot. The outcome? Your email doesn’t get read and you’ve lost valuable time.

    Here’s how Quentosity can help you

    We have a unique intellectual property process that means we find the people you want to reach. We then contact them directly with an email that’s precisely what’s needed to get a response. No waffle. But no hard sell. It is persuasive, polite, sparks intrigue and the recipient replies. We then provide you with that lead and the opportunity to promote your business to the person who decides on contracts. Simple, yet transformative for a business.

    And yes, it might sound simple, but the reality is that agencies out there don’t have the knowledge and tenacity to find the people who make decisions. We do.

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    Fill in your details below & we will get ahold of you asap

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